O.K, O.K, quiet down you lot, it’s true.

There have been rumours (not the Fleetwood Mac kind), and we won’t deny it any longer. Despite what you have been led to believe, the international design community is not entirely fuelled by sublime inspiration, whimsical coincidence and ‘eureka’. There is something far simpler that gets us through long nights working to deadline, painful conversations with difficult clients and those moments when Illustrator ‘unexpectedly quits.’

It’s the coffee.

That bittersweet bean of goodness, all ground up and steaming from our Pantone mugs (mine is 569 Shrub Green.) Right Proportion gets through a fair few jars of Kenco and believe you me we don’t look so pretty without our daily fix. Ahhhh. In celebration of the beautiful bean we’d like to share with you some art by another self-confessed coffee lover, Karen Eland.

She has been painting with coffee since 1998, here are a few of our favourite works.  If you would like to see more, visit her website https://coffee-art.com/

Chink Chink!