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We love Pantone. That’s [pan-tohn] not [pan-tohn-ay]. Pantone are an American company based in New Jersey. Thankfully we all know how to pronounce ‘Adobe’, and if you don’t you shouldn’t be reading a design blog, if that’s you then stop reading and follow this link. Currently there is a lot of buzz about Pantone Universe, […]Continue Reading


Right Proportion will soon be moving to a new studio! It’s an exciting time but the prospect of carrying a photocopier up two flights of stairs has got me so feeling a little nostalgic for our current studio. I love the cosy atmosphere; the way I can open the door for visitors then put the […]Continue Reading


At Right Proportion we love designing business cards with a little flair. Die cutting and laser cutting techniques help to create something really unique and innovative, and we all know that innovation can be the difference between a new client and a cold shoulder. Here are a few of our favourite business card designs from […]Continue Reading