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Right Proportion will soon be moving to a new studio! It’s an exciting time but the prospect of carrying a photocopier up two flights of stairs has got me so feeling a little nostalgic for our current studio. I love the cosy atmosphere; the way I can open the door for visitors then put the […]Continue Reading


At Right Proportion we love designing business cards with a little flair. Die cutting and laser cutting techniques help to create something really unique and innovative, and we all know that innovation can be the difference between a new client and a cold shoulder. Here are a few of our favourite business card designs from […]Continue Reading


The Social Medium, what’s that? Social media isn’t a medium, is it? Television is a medium, so are newspapers, books, magazines, the radio, all that stuff. The Internet, that’s a medium as well, right? It’s the ‘new’ medium, spawned from a collection of all other media that have now become content in this strange new […]Continue Reading


Every morning on the way to the studio I walk through the underpass near Fountainbridge cinema. If you live in Edinburgh you know the one – that grotty row of green and red strip lights that connects the Western Approach road to Dalry Road. A few days ago I untangled my headphones, put Angles by […]Continue Reading


O.K, O.K, quiet down you lot, it’s true. There have been rumours (not the Fleetwood Mac kind), and we won’t deny it any longer. Despite what you have been led to believe, the international design community is not entirely fuelled by sublime inspiration, whimsical coincidence and ‘eureka’. There is something far simpler that gets us […]Continue Reading