Right Proportion will soon be moving to a new studio! It’s an exciting time but the prospect of carrying a photocopier up two flights of stairs has got me so feeling a little nostalgic for our current studio. I love the cosy atmosphere; the way I can open the door for visitors then put the kettle on to boil without getting up from behind my desk.

I love the en-suite bathroom / filing cabinet and the box shower full of photography equipment and sleeping bags. I love our collection of empty coffee jars and the excitement of knowing that I could trip over a number of cables at ANY TIME throughout the day. We have toys to play with, more chairs than we know what to do with and a whiteboard that sits on the radiator, held securely in place by a spoon. It’s bliss. What more could we want from a studio?

A dangerous question, instantly my mind starts to wander… what will our new studio be like? Will there be a GIANTCHROMETUNNELSLIDE connecting the office to the post-modern canteen downstairs? How about a fireman’s pole? Or a cushion padded bath tub where I can lie and daydream about social media marketing strategy? Will our new studio be like (dare I say it) the Google Zurich Headquarters?

Spreading over more than 12,000 square metres, the Swiss architecture studio Camenzind Evolution has created the studio of dreams, a cross between an office and a jungle-gym. Does anybody actually work there? If I worked there I would be far too busy playing air-hockey and riding the GIANTCHROMETUNNELSLIDE to do anything constructive. Clearly the word ‘No’ was expunged from Google’s vocabulary some time ago, and quite rightly so. Business should be fun, not boring, and if it seems like a good idea when you’re halfway up a fireman’s pole, it’s probably a good idea. I’m already drawing up plans for the Right Proportion ball-pit / think-tank.


Have a look at these images from my dream studio, and watch this space for more blogging about our move!