At Right Proportion we love designing business cards with a little flair. Die cutting and laser cutting techniques help to create something really unique and innovative, and we all know that innovation can be the difference between a new client and a cold shoulder.

Here are a few of our favourite business card designs from across the globe, the first from Lion in oil, a New York based design company. The card is made from laser cut museum board, which allows the card to be read from the front or back, playing nicely on the palindrome of their name. Designed by John Locke and Jackie Caradonio.


Luke Dorny designed this card for We like the retro-cut and they way it will stand out from the other cards jostling for space in your wallet. Just don’t attach it to your luggage case by accident, Luke doesn’t want your Acapulco shirts and holiday reading delivered to his house. Again.

Design company Mixtape Generation Created this wonderful business card for one of their designers, the phone number is even hand written in true DIY mix tape fashion. The beauty of this design is the way the cards will fit perfectly in a cassette tape box – no need to splash out on a fancy card holder!

Austrian creative agency Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann created this business card for Dr. Hajnal Kiprov, you guessed it, a plastic surgeon. Those cheeky Europeans…


Another example of creative die-cutting. This card was designed by Phil Jones for One Yoga in Charlotte, NC.  We love the simple, playful way it invites us to wiggle our fingers and imagine how stretchy we can be! Sign me up.

We had great fun designing a card for Italian Cafe Taste of Italy. We die cut the edge to suggest taking a big bite out of the juicy logo. It’s the extra touch that keep our clients happy!