We love Pantone. That’s [pan-tohn] not [pan-tohn-ay]. Pantone are an American company based in New Jersey. Thankfully we all know how to pronounce ‘Adobe’, and if you don’t you shouldn’t be reading a design blog, if that’s you then stop reading and follow this link.

Currently there is a lot of buzz about Pantone Universe, designers and manufacturers worldwide are jumping on the bandwagon and designing Pantone merchandise, (thankyou!)  If you really love colour you can check your own special ‘birth colour’ with Pantone’s colourstrology site.

We love Pantone so much that our new studio is beginning to look like a showroom… or evidence of a compulsive spending habit. Here’s a picture of our little collection so far followed by our studio wishlist. I was disappointed that the new studio didn’t come equipped with a giant-chrome-tunnel-slide, á la  Google Zurich, but if we’re lucky the Easter bunny might deliver some Pantone chairs. Hint hint.

The Pantone mugs, this is where our dangerous habit started. Once you buy the first one your life changes, you dreams are colourful and highly caffeinated, before you know it you’ve bought a set of ten complimentary colours and stacked them in pyramid formation. Every morning when you put the kettle on and open the cupboard they elbow each other in their colourful ribs, vying for your attention. Pick me! Pick me! I bought mine from John Lewis.

As Featured on Design Taxi recently, French food designer Emilie De Griottes has made dessert tarts that resemble Pantone color swatches for French culinary magazine Fricote.

After all those goodies you can freshen up with your Pantone toothbrush!  Buy them from the V&A online shop.

£6.99 worth spent on the iPhone app store. You have access to a variety of colour libraries, build colour palettes and share them with colleagues and clients.

Unfortunately you can’t buy the Pantime clock below, although it is a beautiful design concept by James Beattie whilst he was a student at Bedford College. We like it how 012 C is 12 O’clock.

This one is for the seriously dedicated Pantone fan, Santa wears 185. You can buy them from Seletti, but not for another six months.

Tamotsu Yagi Design in San Fransisco went a step further and painted their stairs Pantone-style.

I want to ride my Pantone 186 C Bicycle, I want to ride my etc… They have come in from Italy and will cost £790 from Heal’s but seem to be out of stock at the moment. The ladies version cost £744 and there are a few available at made in design. 


Another beautiful design by Seletti, and  if you want to buy any of this stuff you’ll need a Pantone credit card of course!