Right Proportion’s video production unit is up and running, like Usane Bolt on steroids! We now have a video production page on our website with a few examples of our most recent corporate work.

Some interesting things about film-making. Take a video camera to a public place and there ‘s always one person who thinks they are live on ITV News. ‘Am I on TV? Hi Mum!’ That’s right, do a little dance for the camera – no you’re not on Live TV but now that I’ve recorded your amusing skit, you will be remixed, auto-tuned, dressed up like a cat and made to play the keyboard. Viral video marketing is a fickle industry.

Before jumping aboard the good ship Right Proportion, I spent a lot of time working in the sound department,  and could often be found wielding a boom pole and wearing a high visibility jacket. When it comes to public perception, it is interestingly the presence of a boom operator that shifts perception of your production from ‘amateur’ to ‘professional’.  It’s not the camera that draws the crowd, it’s the microphone and the long stick. Ironic since good audio is the kind that goes undetected. You only notice sound design when it’s done badly.

We traveled to Dundee on several occasions whilst making a promotional film for ‘Dundee One’, a new waterfront office development. Embarrassingly, it had been several years since I had visited the city, and was surprised at how much it has changed. I had thought it would be a challenge to sell the city of Dundee as an attractive place to live, but in fact, I was personally sold on that first drive over the river Tay, that wonderful long bridge that connects Dundee to Leuchars.

We were blessed with several gloriously sunny days, helping to throw beautiful natural light around Dundee One, perfect interior filming conditions, practically unheard of in Scotland! The waterfront is inspiring, an example of the huge effort going on to regenerate the city’s image and improve the quality of life. If you haven’t been to Dundee in the past couple of years, you’ll hardly recognize the place. It was a joy to capture this beautiful new city on film.

Watch this space for more video work!